Setting up your business in France or expanding internationally

Whether you want to set up your activity in France or expand your business internationally, we offer to share our extensive experience and knowledge of expansion, growth, and restructuring. We help you to anticipate the situations that companies may face, so that you can serenely conquer new markets and develop your business with complete peace of mind.


You are looking for an interlocutor who can help you in all the stages of development of your start-up:

  • from the launch of your project (setting up a financial reporting, the Business Plan, accounting and tax obligations, financial monitoring tools, finding grants etc….),
  • to the development and construction of growth (creation of a financial department, drafting of procedures, implementation of management monitoring tools, setting up abroad, search for financing, securing the tax system related to your activity (VAT, Customs…), legal advice etc…).

Small & midsize compagnies

In addition to offering fully personalized advice that meets the needs of our clients, we support you in this process by capitalizing on our sector expertise and our mastery of business, client, and data knowledge. We provide you with a wide range of collaborative tools, allowing for the outsourcing of administrative, tax and accounting regulatory tasks, to best meet your needs.

Outsourcing all or part of your organization has clear advantages in terms of:

  • Costs: quantified operational gain and measurable benefit.
  • Flexibility: ability to quickly adapt our resources to the workload.
  • Know-how: our technical expertise at your service, benefiting from over 20 years of recognized experience.
  • Technology: benefit from the best tools, identified and tested.
  • Quality: clear definition of performance indicators, frequent periodic reporting, formalized procedures with regular joint monitoring.

Non-profit organizations

The management of financial balances is also a major issue within non-profit organizations. Our firm has developed a detailed knowledge of this sector, both in the field of auditing and financial expertise, allowing us to accompany you throughout your project.

Corporate groups

You are a holding company and/or a group with one or more subsidiaries? Is the fluidity of financial information and its communication a key issue for you? Ecovis assists you with the consolidation of accounts, advises you on the optimization of processes in relation to each entity, capitalizing, if necessary, on the Ecovis International network. When we are not advising these groups of companies, we have the possibility to accompany you through legal or contractual audit missions.

Social and economic committees of companies (SECs) 

Being a member of a SEC means being able to understand the economic and social data presented by the employer during meetings. It means being able to inform your employees according to the missions they have entrusted to you. We support you in your prerogatives by providing you with an in-depth reading of the strategic, financial, and social issues of your company.