Legal and contractual audit

Companies are developing in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Our Audit team works with SMEs and corporate groups on missions:

  • Legal or contractual audits,
  • And all other regulatory missions (certification of consolidated accounts in French or international standards, contributions, mergers, capital increases…)


Are you facing accounting or financial problems within SMEs or Mid-cap companies? Our consultants in the Entrepreneur or International Business Services departments can provide an effective response to your needs through:

  • Reducing the time needed to close accounts, switching to IFRS accounting standards, establishing consolidated accounts,
  • Setting up a cost accounting system, supervision using our range of collaborative tools, work on your own tool (ERP, finance software),
  • Provision of a team of consultants (restructuring, growth, accounting catch-up, etc…).


Our Advisory department has developed a real know-how in business valuation, financing research and other M&A operations in the middle-market environment.

  • We assist our clients in their LBOs and perform due diligence on their targets.
  • We diagnose your internal control procedures, analyse your data and issue recommendations.
  • Our consultants facilitate your decision making, to improve the performance of your company.

Tax assistance

The complexity of tax rules and the consequences they can have often require support, whether in a French or international environment. Our experts are at your side:

  • To advise you in the preparation of your tax returns, on your system or our tools,
  • In the context of a tax audit or tax due diligence (in collaboration with tax lawyers),
  • In the context of securing your French, cross-border or international operations for tax purposes.

Legal services

In addition to our consulting services, our firm offers legal assistance:

  • Corporate: creation of companies, choice of the appropriate structure, approval of annual accounts, increase or reduction of capital, transfer of headquarters, partners’ agreement, winding-up of companies, modification of articles of association…
  • Employment law: drafting of employment contracts, social audit, revision of collective agreements.

Social and financial expertise of the SEC

The three information/consultations are key moments of the social dialogue within the company. They are complementary and stimulate debates on crucial subjects. What is the financial situation of your company? What are the financial and human resources available to you? What are your future projects?

ECOVIS France accompanies you during the information/consultation on:

  • The economic and financial situation of the company,
  • The social policy, the working conditions, and the employment,
  • The strategic orientations.

Human Resources & Payroll

We respond to each stage of the company’s social cycle, whether it be in the management of your projects or in the resolution of your social problems:

  • Social audit and compliance with your regulatory obligations,
  • Payroll management and declarations in different modes (outsourced, internal, or collaborative),
  • Relations with employee representative bodies (setting up professional elections for the SEC, budget, meetings).

Shared Human Resources Management

The management of human capital is an indisputable lever of competitiveness. Our firm provides a shared HRD according to your needs. He will be an integral part of your organization and will accompany you in shaping your HR strategy:

  • Definition of the social policy, optimization of the remuneration and the working time,
  • Forward-looking management of jobs and skills, Social balance sheet, training plan, etc…

Insurance brokerage

In the continuity of our consulting activities, we propose turnkey offers (Diagnosis & Solutions) in the field of social protection – mutual insurance and provident fund – complementary pension and professional civil liability.

AGENCY Courtage will meet the needs:

  • companies with or without employees
  • managers
  • FCR, liberal professions, etc…